19 September 2014

Salmonella pakcik

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Having intubated patient always makes me felt sad. This morning i had to take bloodsss from them.

One pakcik was so ill, main dg was salmonella bacteremia. =,= Terlantar for 1 year after stroke, sangatlah kurus sampai albumin 6. =,=

He was on bipap and family members were counselled by anesth for intubation if respiratory distress should occur.

While taking the ABG from radial artery this morning, *Alhamdulillah the pulse volume of the artery was good ^^!, if not i had to poke >1 x huhu*

i said to him, "Pak cik mengucap pakcik.. La ilaha illallah..." while touching his bony shoulder.
Suddenly he tried to catch my hand slowly with his shiny, swollen hand. As if he wanted to say something to me but he could not. sobs.

Dear Pakcik, hang in there, banyak-banyak ingat Allah dan semoga kita semua dikembalikan kpd Allah dlm kematian yang baik. Amin.

*perasaan post call selepas tak tidur semalaman and expected to be fully functioning the next day in the clinic always makes me think why i am destined to be a doctor. Niatkan semua kerana Allah, positive and enjoy. Yup it's hard but other peeps lives outthere are harder you know!


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