27 May 2015


Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Currently i'm still a SAHM (stay at home mum), how cute does that sounds? lols.
Best okay duduk rumah. ttp pada hakikatnya i'm still a HO. what a cruel reality. hehe. doesn't imply that i'm against my destiny okay, saje je nak cakap tak suka jadi houseman aka K to the U to the L to the I.  fullstop. *emo kejap* Yup it really feels like a kuli especially in my current posting.

Okay stop. Back to business.

Yesterday, before i bathed imran, as usual a kettle of hot water is a must, kalu tidak budak kecik itu akan menjerit. :) But there was a delay, i bathed him at about 10am. so the water was not really hot.
I need to pour more hot water than usual into the tub until the kettle was empty. what! usually, half of the kettle is enough.

then, ting tong, i got the analogy. biiznillah

the hot water --> quality person
the warm water --> less quality

cold water in the tub --> our community

if we want to change the community to be a better one, we need to tarbiyah not all.. but some people with excellent quality. we just need some.. not all. this remind me of al-muntalaq. :)

and these qawiy persons/pekat will then change the community. they will give good impact to the society.

may my family and I will be that 'hot water' in this analogy cause Islam is Rahmatan lil alamin. Islam brings Mercy to this world

Malaysia Menuju Negara Rahmah 2020


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