16 March 2015


Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

At 34 weeks, i felt susah nak bangun dari sujud. Penat. Especially if i prayed after taking heavy meals or after jalan2 ronda 1 hospital. huhu

So 1 day i decided to solat duduk because i was concious that i was tired

Yesterday. At 37 weeks, i was so busy in general medical ward. i dont even have time to think that i'm pregnant and it is already term. yeah, anytime i can be in labour. *scary* my friend who walked pass by me said, "weh, activenya hang jalan, dah term kan". i replied, "nak buat mcm mana, mmg kena" yeah, my patient had sudden drop in GCS, then i had to go and get urgent CT Brain. And the other pt need US Thorax urgent to demarcate point of pleural tapping, which eventually decided by specialist to cancel the tap in view of minimal effusion. whatt! isokay, i did learn sumting new from radiologist today. Alhamdulillah.

okie okie. get back to solat. so... i was so busy that my brain don't even have time to remind me that i was tired and need to solat duduk as usual when tak larat. so, i did solat as usual! hmmm.. quite impressed with my ability yesterday, bukanlah riak tp the biggest lesson i learnt is ... when u don't think you are weak, than you are not. you are stronger indeed. yeah!

pray for my safe delivery kay. Amin..

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