21 March 2014

a robot i am

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Waah, it has been a while kan.
Alhamdulillah oredi working. Working like a robot. Sobss.
Working day in and day out. With only 1 off in 1 week, which makes me feel jelly jelly to those who have 2 offs during the weekends.

But wutever it is, set the aim high. Firdausi is not for them who does not struggle! Let ur job be ur alat for akhirat

May Allah Accept all my deedss yang seciput kecik. Amin...

#trying to be patient with the patients and others. :D

1 comment:

Fathin Aina said...

salam kak russsss...

miss u!! moga Allah sentiasa mengurniakan sabar yg cantik utk akak iA :)