12 August 2013

My Zuhra.. she can read now!

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

I was busy packing my things into my four boxes. Yes, i'm leaving soon insya Allah. :'( Alhamdulillah, I've graduated about two weeks ago. It's time for me to "BFJ" they said.. Back for Jihad!

And... she texted me to meet before iftar to have a class, and I said, how about tomorrow. And she said, she wanted to have a class today. So i said, okay :)

So we met.

I haven't met her for about 3 consecutive days i guess. Then, after that 3 long days.. when she could read the words by herself i really wanted to hug her and cry. But i hold myself, i just patted her on the shoulder. ;'( i said happily, "Masya Allah.. you can read now!" i was so excited and so did her :) Alhamdulillah !!

ya Allah, please take care of us, Guide us to the staight path of Yours forever. Amin..

Zizi, Zuhra! am surely gonna miss our times together. :')

Those are the gifts from them. Yeah, it's a sunnies since it's summer &  i didn't have one ^^!! So Zuhra bought me one on our last day together. And.. a sweetly-written card from Zizi. (Dear Zizi, my heart melt lah bace your card!) and.. On top of that, they themselves are the gifts for me.

Maybe this is what they named, ukhuwwah fillah. A relationship that is really dear to your heart because the main reason we meet.. then we leave each other is Allah. Fillah.. Fillah.. 

Hmm.. leaving Prague becomes more difficult now, you see.. Sobs -,-

Ya Rabb, thabbit qulubana 'ala deenik.


nora~zizi said...

kyaaaaa...tulah.. Tuhan bagi sumber2 kebahagiaan yg awesome this Ramadhan :')
i so get what you mean by kesukaran to leave this place. T_T ya Allah..sedihnyaaaa

rusnarusli said...

Salam zizi =)

Kaaaan... One of our precious moments together di hari-hari terakhir di Prague. Sobs.

May Allah Bless!

Bertemu berpisah kerana Allah.